From Streets to Stalls

Singapore’s hawker culture originated from our immigrant forefathers. They brought along a wide range of culinary specialties from their homelands.

The hawker population was soaring by the 1960s. In response, the Government conducted an island-wide registration and re-organised them in purpose-built structures now known as ‘Hawker Centres’. Today, hawker centres are an integral part of Singapore’s urban and social landscape, serving the needs of diverse communities.

Lau Pa Sat offers one of the only places in Singapore to still experience fully open-air street hawking today. Started in 1996 along Boon Tat Street, Lau Pa Sat offers Singapore’s largest open-air ‘Satay Street’, continuing this time-honoured tradition of savouring juicy grilled meat skewers under the stars.

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Lau Pa Sat